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CXO Grow 101

Coaching That Doesn’t Exist

Filling the Void in Professional Development Programs

The title of this article was inspired by a bar called Bar, který neexistuje (A Bar That Doesn’t Exist), encapsulating the idea of realizing a vision of something that’s not available. I created CXO Grow as the professional development program that I had wished existed but couldn’t find.

Dealing with the Hallmarks of Success

CXO Grow is an antidote to an adverse combination of factors which are inevitably encountered by successful leaders, and which create significant drawbacks to sustaining their progress. This challenge includes higher pressure, lower support, shifting demands, and pulls on balanced self-confidence.

While this rising challenge is not a problem in itself, it makes dealing with any problem much harder. The role of CXO Grow is to boost you past these drawbacks onto the next level of growth and success.

More Than the Sum of Its Parts

The effectiveness of any program depends on three ingredients: the facilitator, the content, and the engagement of the client. In CXO Grow, your facilitator is a C-suite executive with a professional training and experience in coaching. The content reflects the unique situation and strengths of each client. It draws on best practices from solution-focused coaching, scientific personality assessments and development, and cognitive behavioral principles. And the people considering this program are typically highly motivated and engaged.

A facilitator with first-hand experience and successful corporate track record can provide unique value to their clients. However, it is not as straightforward because domain expertise doesn’t mix well with professional coaching. Advice, leading questions, and filtering through one’s own experience can actually hinder the client’s progress.

Unique Principles

There are several components that combine into making CXO Grow truly unique. Some of them are subtle, and some pronounced.

  • I believe clients should not be paying for things that do not bring them value which is why CXO Grow has a Pay As You Progress guarantee: sessions that didn’t bring value are free of charge.
  • I believe our unique strengths (and weaknesses) can be measured so each CXO Grow program is tailored to leverage the client’s strengths and manage their weaknesses to enhance their performance and reputation.
  • I believe that progress can, and should be, measured even in ‘soft’ areas.
  • I believe in end dates, and in clients continuing successfully without me when the program concludes.
  • I believe our well-being directly influences our performance which is why I encourage clients to consider aspects of their life beyond work.
  • Crucially, I believe we grow through our successes which is why, when the rising challenges slow you down, leveraging a program that lets you overcome your problem is a smart choice because it moves you to the next level of success.