Hidden Delta

This Is Ourselves Under Pressure

Each of us has strengths and responses that we have come to rely on in difficult situations. When we get under stress, there is a risk of overusing them, which can impact our reputation. And reputation literally shapes our future.

Use Accountability to Your Advantage

Are you the kind of person with total self-control who can easily do exactly the things they have set out for themselves? If you aren’t, find out how making yourself accountable to the right people can improve your motivation and your results.

What’s Wrong With Accelerating Your Progress

Many professional development websites and coaches promise to accelerate your progress. While coaching is effective in helping people reach their goals, the promise of acceleration plants an idea which is the opposite of what those people need.

Coaching That Doesn’t Exist

Successful leaders inevitably encounter a combination of adverse factors as they progress in their careers. CXO Grow is an antidote to the hallmarks of success that include higher pressure, lower support, shifting demands, and pulls on balanced self-confidence.

What’s Wrong with Failing Forward

“Fail fast and fail forward” is a popular recipe for growth and success. It sounds true and there are examples that back this mantra. But how accurate is it? Let’s take a look at what statistics and science have to tell us about the contribution of failures and successes to our learning.

What’s Wrong with SMART Goals

“SMART” might be the most frequently quoted business mnemonic. Sadly, the ‘M’ doesn’t stand for ‘meaningful’ or ‘motivating.’ That is why such goals often wind up — measurably — not completed. If you want to define a meaningful goal that will inspire you and others to achieve it, there’s a smarter way.