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Pavel Soukenik
Pavel Soukenik

Complex problems. Low tolerance for failure. Little support. These challenges are hallmarks of success. CXO Grow helps you ensure you will continue growing despite of them.

Using effective coaching methods, my global executive experience, and your unique skills and capabilities, this program will boost your growth to the next level of success.


My corporate experience in operations and business development is best suited to support quickly rising leaders at global companies.


Managing a global organization with $90 million annual revenue and 400 employees.


Winning Fortune 100 clients; and multi-year contracts worth over $25 million in annual revenue each.

People Development

Erickson Professional Coach; advanced Hogan certifications; University of Washington instructor.

Rising Challenges

Success comes with an unpleasant mix of drawbacks which can slow or halt your progress.

Four shifts compound into a complex challenge as you go up in an organization

Higher Pressure

The expectations keep rising, and tolerance for failure is low.

Lower Support

Feedback and support dry up as you move to higher roles.

Shifting Demands

Strengths and solutions that used to work might hinder you now.

Finer Balance

Balancing your self-confidence becomes vital, and trickier.

Why It Matters

Even though this rising challenge isn’t a problem in itself, it amps up all your challenges and their consequences. The best way to get ahead is to address the most problematic area.

Do you know what your biggest challenge is right now?

CXO Grow Approach

Effective leaders use two different, proven approaches to gain leverage when facing tough challenges:


Lasting success comes from developing your strengths and building your own solutions. Coaching provides that but strictly without sharing advice or opinions.


Concrete guidance can provide quick results. Experts don’t leverage your ideas though; and in consulting, you must give up some control and rely on someone else.

While consulting is a valid approach to solving some problems, my goal is to help you grow as a leader. Because we grow through our successes, CXO Grow focuses on coaching to help you achieve your goal and move you to your next level.

Outcome Focus

CXO Grow has a few principles that make it effective and unique. Check how they resonate with you:

Set a Goal and an End Date

A calendar with a goal icon

I’ll assist you in defining a concrete goal and achieving it on time, so that you can then continue succeeding on your own.

Pay As You Progress

A free parking sign

“Parking is free.” If you’ll feel that a session didn’t give you value or move you closer to your goal, it’s completely free.

Measure Your Progress

A tape measure icon

Don’t rely just on a subjective feeling of progress. We will measure a baseline and the result at the end.

Leverage Your Strengths

A lever icon

We’ll tailor the program and choose the best path forward based on a reliable assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Work Within and Between Sessions

A lightbulb icon

We’ll engage through a combination of coaching and consulting sessions and progress calls that will support you as you complete the steps you’ll set for yourself.

Look at Your Whole Life

A person in a circle icon

I’ll encourage you to pay attention to your well-being, including sleep and exercise, which directly influences your performance.

Enjoy the Process

A smiley face icon

Achieving challenging goals is not only possible, it is a source of growth and satisfaction.

Development Programs

You can choose from the following program packages:

Duration in weeks
13, 26, 39 or 52
Baseline measurement
360°, interviews
360°, interviews
Main sessions
9 × 60 minutes
11 × 60 minutes
13 × 60 minutes
Progress calls
7 × 5 minutes
9 × 10 minutes
11 × 15 minutes
On-demand calls
5 × 15 minutes
10 × 20 minutes
Hogan assessments
“Pay as you progress”
Outcome evaluation
360°, interviews
360°, interviews
Extensible schedule
Adjustable frequency

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only for executives or Chief Officers?

No, CXO Grow focuses on developing leaders, and it is not limited to a specific job title or function.

Does CXO Grow use the G.R.O.W. coaching method?

No, it doesn’t. Even though G.R.O.W. is a sound, basic approach, the name is a coincidence.

What techniques does CXO Grow use?

CXO Grow uses evidence-based approaches including cognitive behavioral coaching and solution-focused coaching.

How much does it cost?

CXO Grow programs come in three packages. Full pricing details are available upon request.

Do you offer custom programs or group coaching?

I currently do not offer group coaching. If you need a customized program, please contact me.

Where can I learn more?

You can find more information in the Hidden Delta blog, and you can also chat with me.